Property Management Basics

All sessions are 3 hours, but can be customized to fit your needs!

Leasing is a fundamental function of Property Management. Without the basic skills, your team will struggle with low closing ratios and increased vacancies. Who wants that?! This session will teach time-honored leasing basics for telephone and on-site presentations as well as new approaches to our ever-changing industry.

Quality Customer Service is the foundation of any business. Without the right training and attitude, your employees can be costing you business. All employees need the basic understanding of how Customer Service affects the company’s bottom line, as well as their specific role in maintaining amazing customer experiences. This class will outline the steps for a successful Customer Service Program as well how management leads the way in customer interaction. All employees will walk away with a complete understanding of how customer service is not about the customer, but about how they approach their jobs.

Why should Leasing get all the training? This session is designed for the Service Tech to understand not only their responsibilities and how to be a great tech, but to understand the basics of Property Management also. We will cover Professionalism, Fair Housing, Interaction with Vendors and Residents, Shop Organization, Safety, Key Management, and Service Request Procedures. Don’t be fooled by the title – all employees will benefit from this great session!

Ever hired that great food server because they were so friendly? How about the retail employee who walked you all over the store searching for just the right gift for someone? Yes, excellent customer service is a desirable trait when we are recruiting, but how much office experience does your wonderful new employee have? Or how about the employee who has worked for you forever and needs some helpful reminders that their professionalism has gotten a little rusty? This is the session for them! We will cover Etiquette Principles, Introductions, Office Etiquette, Cell Phone Use, Email and Social Media, Personal Presentation, and Manners during Meetings.

GPR, GAR, NOI, Income, Capital Expenses, General ledger, chart of accounts, economic occupancy, amortization….
What does all this mean?!
It means it is budget season!!
You need to understand the importance of having a budget and how to manage that budget once it is set. We will review the key financial terminology and learn how to read a financial statement. In addition, we will identify income growth and expense control strategies to improve the performance!

0 Hours

“… I continue to be amazed at how well Angel connects with our team members.She is able to engage property management professionals on every level with her unique style and enthusiasm for the industry. Always positive and energetic, she builds confidence and purpose through her interactive training skills. Angel educates, motivates and inspires. She is a fundamental component of our educational program.”

Sharron Lambeth, Beacon Property Management, Inc.

“Thank you!
The training was great and on our evaluation forms you scored 5 out of 5 on presentation and content. Good show!”

Ben Lamson, Bluestar Properties

“… Angel is the only person to receive a request to return annually to handle our Sexual Harassment and Fair Housing Seminars at our Annual Corporate Conference. If your business has anything to do with the management of housing or people, we would highly recommend that you consider Angel Rogers.”

Paul R. Prentice, Newport Pacific Capital Company, Inc.

“… Angel is our trainer of choice for everything from Fair Housing to Sexual Harassment to Leasing. I hear from my site personnel that Angel’s classes are both educational and fun – so they always look forward to going to them.
If you have the opportunity to bring Angel into your organization for a day then I urge you to do so – she will impart knowledge and laughter together. Really is there any better combination?”

Jim Aliberti, National CORE