Effective Marketing is the “master key” to success in residential management. This class will help on-site employees understand that marketing is so much more than balloons and banners. We will cover all the dynamics of the complete selling effort; Knowing your product, your marketplace, your community, and your customer. We will explore how pricing is established, generating traffic, and the importance of developing a comprehensive marketing plan. Your staff will leave this class with the understanding of preparing themselves as well as their product!

“Congratulations… are now a manager!”
Remember how exciting it was to hear that? Then, reality set in and it was time to roll up your sleeves and let the hard work begin. Whether you realize it or not, you have a greater influence on the success of your team than any other factor. Obviously, people think you have the talent and ability to be a terrific coach and leader. This class will provide you with tools to help you live up to those expectations. We will cover the difference between “manager” and “leader”, leadership styles, coaching your team to improve performance, what is expected of you by your leader, and what your employees really want from you. This class is a must for anyone who supervises others and has the desire to create a constructive, winning climate for your team.

Because people’s feelings about their apartments are so personal, management is sometimes confronted by an angry resident. And lately, that anger seems to be more deliberate and delivered more harshly. While I cannot wave a magic wand to make that stop, I can give your staff some proven techniques to disarm the angry customer, get comfortable with resolving conflict, solving the difficult person puzzle, and how to avoid common customer care mistakes. This class is a must for any employees that work with your customers!

This session defines the Customer Service process with a variety of exercises designed to get our employees thinking about their attitude towards the customer. Your employees will gain helpful insight into the psychology of the customer relationship as well as how to approach difficult situations.

Why wait until the New Year arrives to define your goals? Let’s discover our strengths and weaknesses, celebrate our uniqueness, create new possibilities, explore new approaches to managing stress, and define your HAPPY! How does this relate to work? A HAPPY employee is a PRODUCTIVE employee. This workshop makes a great reward for your hard working staff!

Isn’t every day in Property Management a race? Are we destined to be on a scavenger hunt for our entire careers? Of course not! But why not have a little fun while we determine how to manage the chaos of our jobs?! This highly interactive seminar is guaranteed to make your team laugh and smile, and learn how to navigate every day “roadblocks” that can prevent job completion.

We love Makeovers, don’t we? Our culture thrives on reality shows that demonstrate the participant’s need to “change” something; whether it is their home, face, weight, or choice of wedding gown… we are hooked! But where is the reality show that genuinely assists us in the most important asset we each have, our attitudes? Your employees will discover ways to eliminate negative “self-talk” and to “clean their filters”. Tune into this fun and interactive session for a makeover that will see instant results… without surgery!

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” – James Humes
A leasing agent can become an assistant manager; an assistant can become a manager; a manager can become regional. Although this is a natural progression in our industry, when do these employees become LEADERS? This session will guide supervisors through the process of “leading” not just “managing”. We will cover communication, finding balance, and how they will hold the keys not only to the physical asset but the human assets as well. This is a great seminar for both new and seasoned managers.

This is a HIGHLY interactive session that puts the emphasis on becoming a Leasing STAR! We have fun while learning the “dance” of the leasing process, and how basic dance principles can be just as effective when applied to leasing. This is a fun class designed to teach while relieving stress!

Complaints, Roommates, Neighbors, Day Cares, Transfers, Parking, Special requests… all in a day’s work isn’t it???
Let’s address these issues head-on and get some great dialog going about how to handle the craziest of all situations! You will go back to your property armed with all the right solutions to your everyday challenges!

0 Hours
20 – 30 preferred for optimum participation

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your training sessions. You are so not boring. It is very obvious you love what you do. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Thank you!”

Susan Gilbert, Realtor

“I just want to say that I am really happy that I finally signed up for the CCRM classes. I have learned a lot. Your training skills really make each class go by really fast. You really have a gift for training!!!!! You totally inspire me!”

Elibeth Marrash, Beacon Property Management

“… As you know I have been out of school for so long and I was stressing about having to be in a class and learning the curriculum. But, you have made this experience easy, relaxing, and interesting. I definitely would have to say if I had more teachers like you I probably would have gone to school more and enjoyed it.”

Rich Moniak

“Just wanted to tell you … the class was another “standing O” — I honestly think it was better than Las Vegas (if that is possible!) We definitely want you to come next year — will talk later in the year as to other times and topics.”

Marolyn C. Mann, MHCO

“Thank you!
The training was great and on our evaluation forms, you scored 5 out of 5 on presentation and content. Good show!”

Ben Lamson, Bluestar Properties